An auspicious and brilliant solo debut for the 26 year old multi-medium artist who used painting, sound, fashion and sociological effect to create one of the most memorable and innovative art happenings in Detroit history.Wearing a handcrafted minimalist ornamental chain bodice, 26 small watercolor self portraits were attached to the apparatus, and were taken off her body, one at at time as the works sold, rendering Ms Schanes, naked,vulnerable and in the end – triumphant, as she sold every one of her paintings priced from $50 to $500.

The unsuspecting audience were greeted by bare white walls, a soundtrack composed and recorded by the artist herself comprising of instrumentation, sounds, screams and a wash of ambient noise- and the artist herself, moodily lit, facing the back of the pristine gallery dressed only in her emotional self portraits.

The 2006 College for Creative Studies, stood motionless and expressionless (for the most part) occasionally smiling, acknowledging her buyers, and at one point near the end, crying. her multi-levelled soundtrack of spoken word, Musique concrète, avant Rock and noise engulfing the gallery in her own unique sounds and visual presentation that elicited wows. praise and confusion in equal measure.
Quickly the works sold, one by one until 80% of Schanes body was left naked and exposed, some buyers wouldn’t remove the works from Schanes, enlisting gallery assistants to help due to the akward social and moral scenario they were faced with.

The final three works sold after she ripped the remaining ones from her harness and threw them to the gallery floor at exactly 10 PM, screaming, “FIN!!!” as the artist wearily left her pedestal after an emotional and physical 2 hour ordeal, naked and exhausted to a ecstatic ovation by the gallery attendees.