In dutiful response to daily happenings, creative solutions give heed to my artistic expression. I utilize my own invented image, autobiographical references, and interactive sociological mediums, to convey the fears, vulnerabilities and social anomie of the world, city and body in which I am enveloped. Holding the hand of my childhood and now adulthood’s socially phobic fears, I adopt the role of visual/ aural psychoanalyst, to better understand human reasoning. A social experiment is presented in guise of an art exhibit. Upon entry, the viewer is left to decide whether or not to passively or proactively effect the exhibit. Thus, the art of decision is vital, it is up to the patron to explore their moral compass. “Is she being exploited, is she empowered, if I make this one solitary move?” Sound/inner dialogue through instrumentation, spoken word, and sound-scapes are offered as a personal explanation. Ultimately, I find sanctuary in subjectivity; my work is best left to interpretation and manipulation of the viewer.
A consistent variable in a world of endless mediums has been my daily dance and wade with liquid, specifically glass, metal, and watercolor. An almost marriage and persistent, loving honeymoon with watercolor, I enjoy the game of trying to tame and position an ever moving existence. The medium is a soft, seductive paint that I purposely beat with a brutal, contradictive hand. The watercolor always has the last say in where it will rest in permanent position, but I savor the time in which I proceed to try to control its fate. Stylistically referred to as “neo expressionism”, my work is emotionally charged and wrapped in negative space, mimicking my stance on this planet. My self-portraits use my image to convey a small single being in a giant vast organism. The negative, minimal space is meant to lead the eye to the importance of expression. A man made mythic but non-fictional existence is composed from my public memoirs. My self-portraits make up the characters in a myth derived from a very real, emotional pocket of one human’s experience; a public display of a private identity.
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-Jaclyn Schanes